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Founding a business in Neuss

Informing and advising prospective startups on the steps to self-employment.

Are you considering the idea of creating a startup and setting up your own business? Those who take the plunge feel the excitement, yet may also sense a few doubts.

Help is at hand. The Economic Development Department of the City of Neuss, would be pleased to be your guide, to advise you and help create a smoother path to self-employment.

A solid business foundation is created through careful planning. Through our free start-up advice, we would like to accompany you on your journey and support you with valuable information on all aspects of starting your business.

Consultancy sessions are offered in German and English. You can, of course, also be accompanied by an interpreter if you wish. If you are looking for start-up advice in either Turkish, Russian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or French, please contact the Regional Support Centre for Foreign Start-ups and Entrepreneurs. German and English are also offered. The counselling services from the Support Centre are also available free of charge.

In addition to our consultations, we will gladly support you in your search for a suitable property or office for your business, including a co-working space in Neuss.

If you require more information in English on the process of setting up a company, we recommend downloading the RKW Competence Centre’s free handbook “Founding a company in Germany”. Detailed information on the topic of starting a business as well as on your residence status in Germany and its impact on your business start-up is also available online on the pages of the Specialist Office for Migrant Economics.

During the process of creating your business or founding a company, you will also get to know a few authorities and institutions. We suggest you take a look at the public authority guide, “Behördenwegweiser”, to help you keep track of them.