Committee for Integration

Remit - Contacts and Members - Responsibilities

On 24th June 2009 the regional parliament of NRW voted to change §27 of the municipal law (GO) on integration by passing a law for the promotion of political participation in local communities. By law, all municipalities with at least 5,000 non-German citizens registered as living in the municipality as their primary residence are required to put in place a committee for integration.

The Committee for Integration is a local government committee with responsibility for promoting the integration of those members of the community of migrant origin. It is made up of councillors and directly elected members of the migrant community, who represent the interests of the migrant citizens vis-à-vis the city council, the city administration and the public. They have close knowledge of the daily lives and needs of the migrant community and are able to report on which initiatives are useful and effective and why, on the other hand, certain initiatives are unsuccessful.

The Committee for Integration in Neuss works to support the principle of political participation and equal opportunities. It deals with all aspects of life in the community and is an integral part of the consultation process of the council and its committees.