Project: Neuss “Integration Navigators”

“Comprehending the other is intrinsically linked to understanding and understanding for one another is the pre-requisite for a positive and successful encounter with and experience of others.”

With the financial support of the State of North-Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) through the project “KOMM-IN NRW: Initiatives in Municipal Integration”, the City of Neuss is in the process of training and qualifying suitable migrant citizens for long-term voluntary work as “integration navigators”.

“Integration navigators” can play a central role in the success of the integration process for the people of Neuss of migrant origin. The aim is that they should provide support for those who have recently arrived in Germany, to help them to adjust and find their way in their new community. This could mean language help with visits to the town hall or to other services or by explaining the various systems and structures within the city (schools, education, specialist advice centres etc.)

A number of training sessions are offered on different aspects of the work of the “integration navigator”, the legal framework of and supportive measures available for the health and education systems, for example, or initiatives for the promotion of the integration process and intercultural communication. The integration navigators will also be trained in their role of mediator between the migrant community and the public services in Neuss.

The integration navigators will, at a later stage, help with visits to the town hall, advice bureaus, health institutions and schools and can use their skills and knowledge to help newly arrived migrants find their way in their new home.

The first group of potential integration navigators has already begun their training programme. The project benefits from a continuous process of supervision and evaluation in order to improve and give direction to the continuation of the programme planned for 2011.

To register an interest, please contact the project leader in the Bureau for Integration

Uwe Manke, Tel.: 02131 / 90-5076 or