The City of Neuss Integration Programme

The Committee for Integration voted unanimously in favour of the integration programme for the city of Neuss at its meeting on 27th January 2009.

In the policy document that followed, Herbert Napp declared integration in Neuss to be his personal responsibility as mayor and with this underlined the importance placed on integration in Neuss.

The establishment of the new Bureau for Integration as an integral part of the municipal administration allows a one-stop comprehensive link to all the relevant departments in the Town Hall.

The Bureau for Integration researches local needs at a local level, with particular reference to future planning aimed at meeting the needs of different areas and groups in the city. It is central to the initiatives put in place to optimise the existing networking systems and to build up additional appropriate networks.

A “first-stop” advice bureau for migrants was established in the Town Hall on 16th October as a groundbreaking initiative of the Social Services Department and the welfare organisations who work with migrant communities in Neuss. Neuss was one of the first cities in NRW to put a contact bureau in place within the Town Hall itself, with direct access to the Department for Non-German Citizens and the German Citizenship Department. Access to advice and information within the Town Hall has been continuously improved and expanded. The first-stop advice bureau is open Monday-Friday, 10–12.00 o’clock, and is staffed on a voluntary basis by the welfare organisations in Neuss – Caritas, the Diakonisches Werk, the Evangelische Kirchengemeinden in Neuss, Internationaler Bund, the Jugendmigrationsdienst Rheinkreis Neuss and by the Social Services Department.

Here, people of migrant origin can find information about the wide and diverse initiatives and activities on offer. Individually structured support and individually relevant information is also available to suit each person’s needs. Finding and arranging appropriate German courses is a first priority and central to the remit of the advice bureau.