The Round Table for the Support and Promotion of Integration

The principles and goals of integration in Neuss are defined in the city’s integration policy document.

In the interest of social cohesion, the principle of the equality of all those living in Neuss, be it of migrant or non-migrant origin, is central to this policy. The active participation of each and every one of us, be it born in Neuss or migrant, is called for here, in order to achieve this goal. Social integration reaches into all areas of life, into politics, work, culture, sport or leisure and affects all ages and social groupings. In order to succeed long-term, the various initiatives of support and promotion must be based on established goals and people’s existing needs. In other words, the process should be result-orientated and effective.

In order to reach these goals, the City Council voted to establish the Round Table for the Support and Promotion of Integration, in order to ascertain needs and to improve and support the integration of those in Neuss of migrant origin.
Based on their analysis, the Round Table has set down a number of areas of priority with concrete proposals for a variety of initiatives. The remit for these initiatives includes the qualitative and quantitative parameters and funding.

The Round Table prioritises the various initiatives according to their level of urgency or importance. This prioritised list is then forwarded to the relevant decision-making committees and to the City Council.
The results of the consultation process within the Round Table are recommendations to the relevant committees and to the Council. They are of an advisory nature.
The service provider carries out an evaluation at the end of each initiative. The results of these evaluations are submitted to the chair and the administrative head of the Round Table.

The work of the Round Table is supported by the Bureau for Integration, which acts as the contact point and administrative office for the Round Table.

The chair of the Round Table is Stefan Hahn, city executive. The Round Table meetings are not open to the public.