Mayor Reiner Breuer: Words of Welcome
Mayor Reiner Breuer: Words of Welcome

Mayor Reiner Breuer: Words of Welcome

Dear fellow citizens,

Our new integration web portal represents the next milestone in the city’s programme of support and promotion of the process of integration in Neuss. The web portal is an internet database with every conceivable kind of advice and information, aimed at helping and supporting the process of integration of those of our citizens of migrant origin, migrants of German origin and refugees who have come to live in our vibrant and attractive city. It aims to actively encourage and support all the people of Neuss to live and work together towards a positive future for all.

There is huge diversity in Neuss: people from over 120 different countries live and work peacefully side-by-side in our city. We would like to give a warm welcome to those who have come to us and help them settle and find their way in our city as quickly as possible.

The detailed index of the services of the Integration Bureau, the Department for non-German Citizens, the Committee for Integration and to the “integration navigators” initiative and the migration handbook gives direct access to individual projects, programmes and advice. My particular thanks to the State of NRW for their generous support of the online integration portal through their project “KOMM-IN”.

Your use of our informative and detailed internet portal should be about “finding, not searching”. You can find all the relevant information you need on subjects such as the Round Table for the Support and Promotion of Integration, the migrant organisations and associations in Neuss and the partners working for a successful and appropriate integration, not forgetting the calendar of events and the national and international links provided, together with a wealth of other useful information and downloads.

The key to integration is the German language. In Neuss there are a great many different opportunities for those of all ages and generations to learn German. The web portal offers links, advice and help in finding suitable courses and learning programmes. I would like to encourage you to make use of all that is on offer. Together we can shape the future of our city!

Best wishes,

Reiner Breuer