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Integration Courses in Neuss

Linguistic and social integration is important to us.

We assess whether you can be admitted to an integration course, whether you are eligible to participate and which course is right for you.

These courses are intended above all not only to provide you with sufficient language skills, but also with knowledge of the German legal system, culture and history. This provides you with an important basis for participation in social life and long-term integration.

Simply arrange an appointment with your contact Susanne Gedatus-Wagner, Phone.: +49 (0)2131 90-5712 or e-mail:

What are the advantages of integration courses?

Sufficient language skills will be required in the future to obtain a settlement permit in Germany. In addition, you can shorten the standard period of naturalisation from 8 to 7 years. With proof of successful participation in an integration course, you can prove to the authorities that you have the necessary language skills and do not have to take another language test. In particular, you can significantly improve your professional qualifications on the labour market.

The social advantage and the necessary linguistic support for your children in kindergarten and school are invaluable.

How are integration courses structured?

An integration course comprises a basic and an advanced language course of 300 hours each, as well as an orientation course of 100 hours (700 hours in total). The pure language courses are divided up into 100-hour learning sections. Depending on the target group, day or evening courses with different weekly hours (between 5 and 25 hours) are offered. There are specific courses for young people or women. At the end of the integration course there is a final test.

Additional integration courses are offered for special target groups (e.g. literacy, young people up to 27 years of age, parents’ courses, language training needs). Courses of up to 900 teaching hours are offered for these target groups.

The social advantage and the necessary linguistic support for your children in kindergarten and school are invaluable.

Will I be reimbursed for travel expenses?

The reimbursement of travel expenses is, among other things, linked to proper attendance. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees decides on the reimbursement.

What does an integration course cost?

Your own contribution is € 1.95 per lesson. In addition, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees will pay € 1.46 per lesson subsidy to the course provider. On application, the Federal Office can exempt you from your own contribution if you receive unemployment benefit II or social assistance. Refunds are possible.

List of courses offered in the Neuss urban area

Kursträger Kursangebot Kontakt Sprechzeiten

Volkshochschule der Stadt Neuss
Brückstraße 1
41460 Neuss

  • allgemeine Integrationskurse
  • Alphabetisierungskurse
  • Orientierungskurse

+49 (0)2131 904103 Fr. Rixen
+49 (0)2131 904158 Fr. Reinhard
+49 (0)2131 904163 Herr Woschnik

Mon. – Wed. 9:00–12:00

Willy Könen Bildungswerk Essen-Neuss-Solingen
Gladbacher Str. 22
41462 Neuss

  • allgemeine Integrationskurse
  • Alphabetisierungskurse
  • Abendkurse/Jugendkurse
  • Orientierungskurse

+49(0)171 4822837
Herr Wolf

Mon. 13:00–16:00
Fri. 9:30–14:00

Caritas Sozialdienste
Fachdienst für Integration und Migration
Salzstr. 55
41460 Neuss

  • allgemeine Integrationskurse
  • Orientierungskurse

+49 (0)2131 269316
Herr Hill

Mon. 9:00–12:00
Thu. 14:00–16:00

Niederrhein GmbH
Düsseldorfer Str. 186
41462 Neuss

  • Jugendkurse
  • allgemeine Integrationskurse
  • Alphabetisierungskurse
  • Orientierungskurse
  • Zweitschriftlerner

+49 (0)2162 351040 Fr. Stimoli
+49 (0)1511 6798114
+49 (0)2131 6067913 Fr. Rippinger

Mon.–Fri. 10:00–14:00

Familienforum Edith-Stein
Schwannstr. 11
41460 Neuss

  • Jugendkurs im Mai 2019
  • Orientierungskurse

+49 (0)2131 7179832 Frau Bender

Mon.–Thu. 9:00 – 12:00
Wed. 14:00–16:00

Nestor Bildungsinstitut GmbH
Marienkirchplatz 50
41460 Neuss

  • allgemeine Integrationskurse
  • Alphabetisierungskurse
  • Orientierungskurse

+49 (0)2131 40219-20 Frau Höschler

Mon.–Fri. 08:00–16:30

GRONE Bildungszentren
NRW Rheinland GmbH
Gielenstr. 65–69
41460 Neuss

  • allgemeine Integrationskurse
  • Alphabetisierungskurse
  • Abendkurse
  • Frauenkurse
  • Jugendkurse

+49 (0)2131 1330626
+49 (0)2131 781520 Frau Schätzlein-Schuh

Mon.–Fri. 9:00–17:00

The information on course contents does not claim to be complete and is based on the information submitted by the course providers. You can also attend integration courses outside the Neuss urban area. A current and complete list of further course providers is available on the Internet (